Paula Tracy has been internally and externally journeying for over twenty years – exploring many countries and a varied array of modalities, healers and study to deepen her connection with herself.

Her career has spanned many diverse areas including the retail, hospitality and aquatic industries, employment and training, and currently therapeutic work in community services.

Paula is passionate about working with young people to offer them opportunities to develop life skills, behaviour management, positive self regard and finding their voice to speak their truth; with the foundation of her practice to do no further harm. Paula has a profficiency of engaging with abused & traumatised youth from her years of practice in case management in out of home care & currently the youth justice sector.

Stemming from her own personal healing journey of grief, trauma and stress, Paula has traveled deep into her “rabbit hole” stripping back the layers of self doubt, low self esteem and self destructive behaviours through years of inner work, meditation, holistic health & wellbeing. The journey has been supported through various modalities & studies providing Paula with a tool kit of offerings to support women in their own self discovery journeys.

Paula has an innate ability to connect with souls, specialising in Children, Adolescents and Women. She creates a grounded, safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore and connect to their inner knowing and integrate with an open heart.

Paula is a Professional Member of the Australian Association of Holistic and Transpersonal Counsellors Inc.

Interested? Please either call 0417 343 509 or go to the CONTACT page to schedule a session.